"Movies have been made for 100 years, in color and black and white, in sound and silence....To limit yourself to popular hits and recent years is like being Ferris Bueller but staying home all day." ---Roger Ebert


Island of Lemurs: Madagascar Morgan Freeman narrates this incredible look at the good-natured lemur.  There are 103 kinds, including ring-tailed lemurs, bamboo lemurs and dancing lemurs, and they only live one place in the worldMadagascar.  They are amazing.  Limited IMAX release April 4, 2014.  

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It's Springtime!  But it’s been kinda wet.  That’s Ok, though, ‘cause it’s gonna heat up soon enough, and we’re technically in drought mode. We’re not as bad off as our neighbor, California, but there’s little or no snow pack, so it’s pretty dire.  Time to pray for the best, hide our head in the proverbial sand (unless you’re a smoke jumper), and watch more movies.  Yep.  We often need to settle down a couple times a week and just watch a good movie.  Smoke less, run around in your car less, hunker down over a good film and thank your lucky stars you’re alive and can enjoy a great flick. 

Movies really ARE the meaning of life, you know?  And when life gets rough…or hot…go indoors and take a break.  You’ll either get a life lesson or bolt of inspiration, or, at the very least, 90 minutes of time away from this complicated life that never goes quite like it should.  Movies are all that: education, inspiration, escape.  So, stay in and learn a little.  And if the heat eventually gets to you, find an air-conditioned theater near you.

When it comes to movies, Springtime is a time for thought-provoking fare with an upbeat note befitting the rebirth of the earth Spring represents.  I saw a really good film the other day!  Came totally out of left field.  It’s easy to write off movies these days when either a bunch of people try to make a film by committee, or a guy delivers a skewed-vision indie movie that never even recovers its costs.  Full Disclosure: Some people hated this movie, but I loved it, and I thought the star, Brit Marling, was incredible.  It was called ANOTHER EARTH.  The saw music alone was enough to haunt you for a long time to come. 

I jumped right on the Twitterverse to tell people about the Saw Lady’s music because SAW music is a strange cross between a Theremin and a saxophone. It really grabbed me!  And whattya know?  Saw Lady is on the Twitterverse too!  She’s got all sorts of You Tube stuff posted because she plays her saw in the NYC subway!  And, it turns out, "saw" is addictive!  Whether she’s playing the Theme from Star Trek or a classical piece, her saw playing is simply outrageous!  www.Saw Lady.com

So, get out your afghan, fix yourself a nice cup o’ hot chocolate with a little rum or brandy or peppermint schnaaps in it, and settle in for a good story about life & hard knocks & parallel universes [ANOTHER EARTH].  You never know how it’s gonna work out, and you just may need that drink before the movie’s over.  If you need something stronger, Movies and The Battle of the Sexes, the second Good Movie Guide in the series, has a few stronger drink recipes than hot chocolate in the book. Movie-oriented cocktails, if you know what I mean.  As many of us know, it sometimes takes a little something stronger to work out the kinks between the sexes!  Yes, indeedy.

And if I can’t persuade you to watch ANOTHER EARTH, there are a ton of other great Spring movies to fit the mood.  But any way you look at it, just hunker down with your hot chocolate or other delicious and decadent drink, settle in ‘til the weather warms up, and enjoy a good flick or two!  Personally, I am taking the working vacation of a lifetime and traveling to Hollywood to attend the TCM Film Festival!  Oh, the joy!  It’s “family themed” this year, but there are still sooo many great movies to see and people to listen to:  THE THIN MAN, MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN, INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, and, oh, yes, THE WIZARD OF OZ, not to mention, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Osborne!  I will regale you upon my return.

Until then, check out the MORE Coming Attractions... for DVD listings, or choose a title from your Netflix queue, and watch a great movie.  Cheers, and a Happy 2014 Spring, Movie Lovers!! 

So, which Springtime movies jump out at you, and just what movies are you looking forward to most as Summer, that most Blockbuster of movie times, is approaching?  

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